Figures sur la corde

Figures sur la corde (“Figures on the String”) is a musical composition for classical guitar and electroacoustic device. It was composed thanks to the program « Aide à l’écriture d’une œuvre musicales originale du Ministère de la Culture » (ex-Commande d’Etat).

Figures sur la corde was composed for the guitarist Caroline Delume. The World Premiere took place in November 2017 at the Arsenal of Metz. In 2018 has been selected for the program “Archiver le présent” supported by Savoir of CRSH, Labex Arts-H2H (Paris 8) and Chaire ALN|NT2 (UQAM).


Figures sur la corde it’s a cycle of 5 short pieces with a total duration of approximately 25 ‘. Here is the constitution of the cycle:

  • Figures sur la corde I (guitar and electroacoustic device)
  • Figures sur la corde II (guitar only)
  • Figures sur la corde III (only electroacoustic device)
  • Figures sur la corde IV (guitar only)
  • Figures sur la corde V (guitar and electroacoustic device)

Polyphony of figures

Each of the pieces of this cycle consists of a large number of figures of various sizes, from a few milliseconds to the entire composition. Each piece is composed of a polyphony of figures with multiple temporal levels.

The cycle Figures sur la corde is part of a research conducted at the Centre d’Informatique et Création Musicale (CICM) de l’Université Paris VIII. This research aims creation but also the conceptual clarification on our ways of making the music today, ways that meet the classical instruments and the computer. (see Musical Research)

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